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hollin root logo  Hollin Root Farm, is a small farm of 20 acres based in Frittenden in the Weald of Kent where we, (Simon and Kim), supported by family and friends rear rare and traditional livestock.  

We are specialist producers of rare breed Manx Loaghtan lamb, Middle White and British Lop pork and bacon. (please see our produce page). 

Our interest in these breeds has developed over the last few years as we believe you can really taste the difference from the commercial, mass produced meat available in the supermarket. 

We sell our produce primarily to local people reducing the food miles and the impact to the environment.  We also have a small herd of Dexter cows and our 21 day hung beef is now available.



On the farm we rear over 400 free range turkeys for the christmas market.  We focus on the bronze, slower growing breed which have a delicious flavour.

Our turkeys enjoy roaming around their paddock in the daytime and are bedded down on comfortable straw in our barn at night.  These slow maturing birds are often twice the age of the commercial birds seen in the supermarkets. 

We have also been inspected and accepted by the TFTA, Traditional Farmfresh Turkey Association (Goldenturkeys.co.uk) which is recognised both in the UK and EU as a leader in the very best production and welfare standards.

202 Ewe resting



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Hay making is very much a part of our farming year and it is always a nervous time constantly checking the weather forecast and once the decision is made to cut the grass, hoping for a good, dry, warm spell of weather for a few days. 

 It is then exciting to find how many bales we have made. Finally, relief when the last bale has been collected from the fields and stacked in the barn ready for the winter.  We take care and pride in producing good quality hay and have won prizes for our small bale meadow hay. 

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We enjoy attempting to be self sufficient.  In addition to the pork, bacon, lamb, turkey and beef we produce, our raised beds help to supply vegetables throughout the season.

 We concentrate on varieties that are easy and fairly hardy to grow, such as potatoes, leeks, onions, runnerbeans, courgettes, sprouts, parsnips and squash.