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Puppy Time

(August 31, 2016)


hope head After much deliberation, we decided to breed from our beautiful Labrador, Hope. She had passed all the necessary health tests with flying colours and came into season in January.  After searching for a suitable dog we found Oak. He was perfect and all went to plan.

March 25th came along and Hope went into labour.  Well that was an unforgettable night!!  We were expecting 4/5 puppies and when Hope produced the 8th one we were almost in tears thinking how on earth will she cope.  But she wasn't done yet and 2 more followed.  A litter of 10 from such a small Labrador was unbelievable!!  hope and puppies 

After losing a puppy early on and several vet visits, things settled down and Hope was the very proud mum of 9 healthy puppies.  She was amazing.  Always cleaning them and when it came to weaning she was having none of it and on advice we had to separate her for a few days to try and break the bond.  Then came the extremely stressful task of finding suitable homes for them.  I was completely in love with them all and there was no way they were going unless I was 100% happy!  During the homing process we decided to keep 2 of them (George and Jazz) and we were so lucky to find fantastic homes for the others.  Many of whom have been in touch with updates and holiday photos.  I am so pleased with all our selected homes.  I'm not sure I would do it all again but we have kept a female so never say never!!



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