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(October 08, 2012)

We sadly lost our beloved labrador Beaux in July after almost 14 years.  She was our first dog.  We picked her up at 12 weeks old on the day we moved in together.  She was with us at our wedding and has been to Scotland twice and also to norfolk twice on holiday with us. We miss her terribly.  After a couple of months of misery we decided to look for a new pup. We have now had Hope for a week and don't we know it!  She is a black labrador just like Beaux but also nothing like Beaux!  She has a lot to live up to and that is why her name is Hope.  We hope she can fill the hole left by Beaux. We hope she will be easy to train and we hope she will make a good gun dog.  So far we have established that she is intelligent, wilful, has a loud howl and loves cuddles. Ooops she is supposed to be a gun dog so not sure if she should be having the cuddles!  Oh well she is only 8 weeks and still so tiny, I can't resist it!CIMG1510

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