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New Born!!!!

(September 30, 2014)

 I was checking the animals Sunday evening.  Plodding round the fields as usual feeding pigs and sheep.  I have a field with 3 ewes which have reached retirement for various reasons.  They were weaned from their lambs in August and separated from the breeding ewes.  I then contacted Tanya who kindly provides them with a beautiful retirement home on National Trust grazing land.  They were doing exceptionally well and ready to leave for their new home.  Annabelle, in particular, had put on plenty of weight and looked very good.  As usual, I checked the ram and ewes and just popped my head over to see the 3 separated ewes. Then shock!  I was stunned and stood staring in disbelief at Annabelle proudly standing beside a new born lamb!  She had twin lambs at the end of February and must have come into season early May which is very unusual.  I am contacting the Manx Loaghtan breeders group to see if anyone has had a ewe lamb twice in one year.  Thankfully, she is doing well and the lamb, a male, is delightful and very sweet. annabelle & lamb 031 

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