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Lambing and Calving 2016

(February 27, 2016)

A bad start to the year!  We scanned our ewes as usual after Christmas and were told that the lambs had died in 2 of the ewes.  After calling the vet, who took blood samples, we were told that the ewes had contracted Toxoplasmosis.  The cause is most likely to be from cat faeces.  So lambing started very badly with several ewes aborting their lambs early and some fully developed lambs dying within minutes of birth.  Very sad and frustrating, when you try everything only to lose the lamb anyway.  The first live thriving lamb born was such a relief and since then we have managed a total of 10 lambs alive.  We are bottle feeding one, whose mother has very little milk.  There are 7 ewes left to lamb.  The Cows were much more successful with calving.  We have had 3 beautiful dexter calves. 1 black bull calf and 2 heifers.  One black and one red.

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